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Report via E-Mail Option

Software option: report via e-mail


With the new option 'report via e-mail', you can send a report with a few clicks from your Qiata to your e-mail address. You decide for yourself what information should be included in this report. You can create reports based on users or groups. Furthermore, you have the option to select the type. You want to know who started transfers, who has downloaded all files, or who has uploaded which file? No problem! The wide variety of adjustable parameters make it easy to create the report just as you need it.


Moreover, you can configure a daily, weekly or monthly interval. The generated reports will be clearly displayed in a .csv file and send to your e-mail address. You can open the .csv file as usual in Excel. With this file you have a complete overview of the current status of your FTA (File Transfer Appliance)



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