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What is Qiata?

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Qiata File Transfer Appliances

Qiata enables the easy exchange of files between internal and external users.

The appliance sits on your own network and is under your own management and control. All files are transferred over SSL.

The whole process is secure and encrypted. No client software or client certificate is required. Qiata doesn't disrupt your existing infrastructure. Qiata is not an FTP server and is secure by default. It is designed to improve the productivity of your company. Qiata is a user-friendly solution in the form of a Web application.


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Qiata is not just a valuable Internet-facing service, Qiata is an appliance solution that operates on your own network. You can appoint who will use the system and how. Your files will not end up somewhere in the "Cloud". A complete record of all transfers is maintained. Together with automatic email notifications, it takes care of compliance with audit regulations as well as users’ acceptance.

Keeping track of your files has never been so easy.





Qiata’s promise


Implementation and setup of the Qiata solution is fast and easy, so that it is available to all users within a very short time. Support for SMTP email clients offers even closer integration.

Our versatile, multi-lingual graphical user interface (GUI) is self-explanatory and intuitive. It can be adapted to your corporate design. Users need little or no training to use the product. With Qiata, there are no more problems transferring large files! Files can be transferred easily without any assistance from the IT department. Qiata is a productivity tool that all engineering companies, design houses and marketing departments must have. Qiata provides audit logs of all activities and is compliant with your company’s IT security governance. With the Qiata solution, no file is too large to send!



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Qiata File Transfer Appliance Family

The Qiata File Transfer solution comes as an appliance, pre-installed and ready for use.

We have a range of models which cater to different needs and usage scenarios. While our FTA-450 caters to companies with a small number of users, our 2U fully redundant FTA-1200 addresses the needs of the enterprise.


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Smart Delivery

The Smart Delivery option enables seamless transfers between FTAs and is designed for companies with multiple sites. more...


TEAMTransfer Option

Every user can upload its file into a secured "pool" on the FTA (File Transfer Appliance) and make this available to all other users. Of course as secure and traceable as it is already well-known from Qiata. Invite features, Read-Only setting options and Reply-To function complete this overall presentation of Qiata. more...


Report via E-Mail Option
With the option report via e-mail, you can send a report with a few clicks of your FTA to your e-mail address. more...



The Qiata newsletters option enables to transfer newsletters with your FTA, according to general compliance policies and with all the advantages of Qiata. more...


File Encryption Option

The new Qiata option 'File Encryption' provides additional protection by encrypting data that a user uploads to the Qiata FTA. more...



Qiata File Transfer Appliances Support

Direct assistance for problems and informations about the Qiata SupportPackages.


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Qiata offers the right Appliance for every company.


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