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Send large files securely, even with Outlook

Sending large files can be complicated. Email servers may reject large attachments and restrictive storage quotas may be in place.

The Qiata File Transfer Appliance (FTA) solves this problem. The transfer of large multimedia files becomes possible. They are encrypted over the wire, without any need for a client application. Only a Web browser or an email program is required.




When an important document is sent by email, there is often uncertainty as to whether the document will reach the intended recipient in time. With the Qiata File Transfer Appliance, senders receive a notification as soon as a recipient has downloaded any of the files. All transfer activity is logged and therefore traceable.




Restrictions can be set to prevent confidential files from being transferred outside of the company, intentionally or by mistake. Only under these restrictions can a file be transferred. They may be set on any number of users or groups of users.


Transfers across multiple sites


Smart Delivery offers the possibility to transfer files from FTA to FTA. The main advantage is that both sender and recipients access their local FTA at LAN speed. Communication between FTAs is UDP-based and encrypted with AES-256. It is typically faster than a VPN connection. Large file transfers benefit hugely from Smart Delivery. Full use can be made of limited bandwidths.
Simple licensing model
Our licensing model is straight-forward and easy to understand. Both the number of users and the number of transfers are limited only by hardware specifications and are unrelated to cost.



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